Full Moon Stress

Are you feeling the upcoming full moon stress?

It’s just a little over a week until the full moon and today has been quite a process already. I wake to find loved ones have lost loved ones (plural!) throughout the night, others dealing with life altering conflicts, drama, pain and energy sucking circumstances, cancer, surgeries, suffering!

My Tibetan singing bowl, a green candle for healing and creativity, my palo santo stick burning with my crystals to help get me through this full moon stress!

Is it the moon? Is it because we are coming up on a full Blue moon? Or, that its sharing energetic space with Samhain/Dia de los Muertos/All Souls Night? Massive energies converging for this truly auspicious time of year? It’s 2020. That should say it all and none of us should be surprised. Everything raining down all in one day. Hasn’t that been the norm for 2020? And now we can add in the Full Moon Stress!

So, I intended on working on a blog post today regarding the use of moon water in my art, but that will have to hang out for a bit longer.  Today deserves some recognition and attention.  Today needs some candle and crystal healing energy, some palo santo energy, and some singing bowl soothing energy.  Lindie Lila singing ‘Cauldron of Changes’ on my Bose speaker.

Let’s sit with it for a minute.  Breathe in. Breathe out. My feet on the earth and my heart open, here I sit typing this with the hopes of weaving a calm and positive space. My loved ones need this calming and soothing energy as much as I do. They are in need of being held and supported. They need reassurance and hope.  In this life of covid-19, the new lifestyle, we have yet to manage how to grieve and worry through masks and social distancing.  We haven’t figured out how to hold our loved ones tight from 6 feet away. We haven’t figured out how to fulfill our own needs while helping manage others.

So, with limited resources and restricted pandemic filled lifestyle I say this:The mother that lost their child: I see you.  The children who lost their mother: I see you. The woman trying to nurture her traumatized inner little girl: I see you. The woman who lost her breast to cancer: I see you.  The woman breaking away from an unhealthy relationship today: I see you.  Through the sadness and grief: I see you.  Through the pain and suffering: I see you. The women who gather trying to hold everyone up in love: I see you!

I remind myself that it’s full moon stress. Breathe in. Breathe out. So, I burn this Palo Santo stick and green candle, I hold my crystals and move to the rhythm of ritual chanting, and I pray. I pray for ALL our hearts to be filled with love and peace. Comfort and faith. I open myself up for my loved ones, to act as a cushion for their grief and worry, throughout this full moon stress.  Our families need this. As women, we have been the nurturers and healers, life givers and strength for all our loved ones and many others for thousands of years,, and we need this.

 As the chant goes by Flight of the HawkWe are the old ones, We are the ancient ones, We are the old ones and we bring you peace. Lay your body down and rest. Rest. 5 minutes of breaths and rest.

Today is today. We do what we can, today. Tomorrow, we do what we can, tomorrow. In its own time. In a way that we can work with. It’s important we learn to forgive ourselves and to breathe. The Goddess energies swirling in anticipation of next week’s full moon stress are rumbling underneath the emotional chaos of our current uncertain world.  Let’s all take some time to just breathe, flood our surroundings with compassion, and safely hug our loved ones while feeding our own souls. 

Blessed Be, Namaste, Amen

Full Moon
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