Our Spiritual Journey

Our Spiritual Journey

Our Spiritual Journey!

We are two artsy/ crafty women who like to mix our spirituality with art through woodworking and acrylic painting. We also have been known to dabble with jewelry, wood-burning, and some leatherwork. We enjoy creating pieces that will fulfill the spiritual needs of others. One of my favorite things to create is Spirit houses or Altars if you prefer. The idea came to me as a need for myself. I have a strong belief in Ancestral Guidance in my life. I wanted a place I could put photos of my loved ones that have passed on and be able to light a candle or burn some incense.

So, we made me a crude wooden altar. And it grew from there. We are in the process of expanding our workings to be all-inclusive, so, regardless of faith, we can create a piece catered to your needs. Each piece takes time to create. Some days, some weeks, or months! But each one has a specific calling to fulfill a specific need. Hopefully, as our stock grows, we will have a piece that resonates with you. Or, if you prefer, feel free to custom order!

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Check out our friends at https://www.cyntergi.com!

Check out our friends at http://www.cyntergi.com